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Are you planing your next Belgrade's adventure? Well, If you are looking for something to create one of a kind memories, remarkable experience, you are looking at the right place. Our friendly boat "Brodic Rodic", offers you alternative boat tours on daily basis, where you'll have a chance to experience city's unique river life from a local's perspective. And who knows the town better than the locals? From all day boat tours, sunset private tours and cruises to overnight trips. Can you imagine watching the stars above while drinking a glass of wine along with an acoustic music vibes? Sounds good to us! We got you covered ! The "Brodic Rodic" concept is to provide you a Belgrade boat tour and to show you the local side of Belgrade's river Spring/ Summer nightlife, with a very easy-going atmosphere. Get your camera, and let's create a memorable vacay for you and your family together. Providing you one of a kind Belgrade's experience is our pleasure, let us spoil you. Sincerely, The Brodic te

Our boat
"The Brodic Rodic" boat exists since the 1978. The passion and love for boats and sea, made our great grandfather to decide to build his own boat. Our boat is Hand crafted with a lots of attention, dedication, passion and love , and until now four generations are proudly representing and living the dream of our grandpa Kresa.
Things to do in Belgrade
If you are visiting Belgrade and you were wondering what to do, let us suggest you a real adventure for you and your friends. Summer is around the corner and the cruising vibes are calling ! The best vacation is where you can experience your new destination as a local in every way possible. From food, learning local's language and slangs, getting introduced to the city's history and culture to experiencing a different outdoor actives and meeting new friends from all over the world. We offer you from all day boat tours, Sunset cruising to overnight trips, specially prepared for you, in order to have the best experience in the town during your stay. Our Captain Milos will take you to the special city's getaways and will tell you all about the secrets that this city and rivers hold. Book Our tours
Pure Shores and Secret Green Oasis... Let our boat tour take you to the Belgrade's Secret Beaches that will give you a different state of mind and a break from the urban traffic jam. Relax your mind and let us charge your batteries with this unique boat tour .

The Boat Tours!

All aboard! Hop aboard the vintage boat with a history dating back to the good old days of Serbia, where my father and his father before him enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets on the hidden beaches of Belgrade. The boat is a story itself but I, your captain, will tell you everything you never knew about the secret tales of Belgrade streets and rivers. But don’t worry, I won’t bother you too much, you can always turn your receptors on the well-known Serbian Rakia that waits aboard, while watching the sunset or partying the night away. I am Milos and I will be your captain and guide, so let’s start this journey.


Our tours are designed to give you the best feeling and one of a kind river experience. We would be more than happy to arrange a special tour with you in case you may want it, keeping in mind that sightseeing is our main aim. Brodic Rodic has a large deck where you can sunbathe or simply chill while having a beverage, reading a book or simply enjoying the river's landscape. There is also a stern, with a table and several chairs where you can grab a bite or chit chat with your friends. Our inside wooden interior of the boat is comfy and cozy, including a mini bar, a V berth sleeping bunk and a restroom. We are looking forward of meeting you , and we can't wait for you to be our guest.

Sunset Tour

Length: 2 - 3.5 hours

Departure time: 3:30 PM (flexible upon agreement)

Private beach tour

Length: flexible

Departure time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM (upon agreement)

Evening Tour

Length: flexible

Departure time:19:00 - 20:00 PM (upon agreement)

River Romance Cruise

Check in: 7-8PM (upon agreement)

Check out: until 1 PM

River Night Life Tour

Length: flexible

Departure time:20:00 - 21:00 PM (upon agreement)

Personally Tailored Trip

Check in: 19:00 - 20:00 PM (upon agreement)

Check out: until 1 PM

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Brodic Rodic - Transferring unique experiences for generations

Built according to the designs of grandfather Čeda (Brodić) our little boat proudly floats in an anchorage between a fleet of speedboats, sailing boats, shikels, canoes and kayak. You’ll find it among any surviving reptile from a pre-Plastic era, as a reminder more of a fairy tale than a luxury boat. Every summer, on any Danube beach, among the masses of young swimmers who show off with their numerous impressive swimming styles, you will easily notice from time to time an older guard, as he slowly, but persistently swims across the river in some old forgotten old fashion, swinging one and then the other hand, while his head is proudly raised above the water. Grandfathers boat floated in a similar fashion, elegantly inclining to the right side (because of the weight of the auxiliary engine), somewhat like a clumsy falcon, which was written off from all, yet which managed to avoid the effect of time and death. But just as no fashionable interior would be able to provide a person with the warmth of his grandfather's reading booth, the boat also has a great advantage over the interior of modern ships because of its scattered space and arrangement of things in the boat, as if the river kept its history of oblivion. The Danube transforms all the sights into a thousand blinking lights, when I stretched out on the hard boards, I listened to the movement of water in the laziness of the ship, as it made sounds moving from one side to the other. Is there any more magical sound for someone so fond of dreaming?! On deck, in cassettes and in the cabin, in the cabin and under it, the boat hides all the good and bad traits of my grandfather and great grandfather. The madness of the boat is a phenomenon that can only be fully understood by maniacs from the river. The boat has preserved a lot of riverine romance. In short, it is a reliable male ship, without any effort to get closer to any kind of luxury, or to reach someone and overstep the speed. And although everything is reliable on the boat and checked firmly, there is always some water under the deck, no matter how much you practice, the boat is full of Secrets.

Our boat
Belgrade is the only capital built at the confluence of two big rivers, the Danube and the Sava. This, of course, makes the city a top cruise destination. Our boat tours are a great alternative to the big tourist tours. They are intimate and probably best suited for a young at heart crowd. Let us take you on a journey with a boat, which was carefully passed down from generation to generation.
Old crew
"Have you also learned the secret from the river: there is no such thing as time." 🕰️floating through the years... Through the generations..#retrojeumodi #1978
Grandpa Kresa



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